Hanoi vs Saigon. Vietnam travel.

Why I prefer Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City even though I’m from Saigon.



One thought on “Hanoi vs Saigon. Vietnam travel.

  1. Great video. Sitting on my bed in ho chi Minh right now. Been to Vietnam four times now but didn’t put my finger on some of the points you made. First visit was equal, but I leaned to Hanoi since. Just got back from Hanoi and it’s forever locked in as my favourite. More walkable, interesting, the old quarter is like no place on earth. The lack of franchises is a MEGA difference.That is surprisingly what I didn’t register until I saw your vid. The most important thing if all – I love Vietamese people but for some reason they seem to be friendlier up North. We were invited by the hotel concierge to her sisters bar to watch the football game, which turned out to be oneof the highlights. Ho Chi Minh has the chic (Outside backpacker area) but Hanoi has the charm! And for some reason positive random things just happen when I’m there. Cheers!

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