Danang by Night. Vietnam travel

Come for a ride with me through Vietnam’s most beautiful and lively city by night. Danang leaves Saigon for dust with its ornamental lights, boat rides and lit up cafes and riverside.

This city is festive all year round.


Vietnam Travel 2015. Explore the Best Parts of modern day Vietnam!

Explore modern day Vietnam with me!

I pilot a scooter from Saigon to Hanoi. And back again.
Beautiful country. Beautiful landscapes. Beautiful people.
Please enjoy.

This is a comprehensive travel journal looking at life in Vietnam in the modern day. I journey from major cities and tourist attractions in Saigon and Hanoi all the way to the furthest reaches of the outback wilderness miles from civilisation. In some places I didn’t see people or even cows or chickens for over four hours.
At times I nearly shit myself imagining the nightmare scenarios like getting a snake bite or a puncture out there.
Thank Buddha it all turned out rosy.

Also the brutal roads by night are not captured here but let me tell you it was a bit terrifying at times overtaking trucks and buses in a slither of a dirt lane in the dark. Forget streetlights. I had to rely purely on human eyesight. (As an Asian that’s never a good thing).
One rock in the wrong spot and you end up as Vietnamese roadkill.
But enough of the dark side!
The awe inspiring landscapes and scenery were indeed spectacular. But they played second fiddle to the spirit of the Vietnamese people that I witnessed from all corners of the country.
These cats are the most resourceful, industrious and cheerful bunch I’ve ever seen. Most are over the moon to see someone make the effort to come out and visit their unique patch of dirt.
I’ve never been made to feel more special and welcome than in the furthest reaches of the nation. Old ladies, smart kids, grumpy old men and curious farm hands all make this a unique and wondrous country full of hidden gems and treasures.

Vietnam Travel 2015 in HD.