I visit a poor kid in Can Tho hospital. Vietnam.

I visit a 10yo girl in Can Tho hospital with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta).



Giving money to a poor Vietnamese kid in Can Tho.

I saw this poor brown kid with close set eyes working all day in the sun and then buying a disgusting sugar drink with dirty ice to quench her thirst. It made me want to help her so on behalf of Thanh Tran, Daniel Trinh, Khanh Pham, Roger K and Steve I gave her some money to help her out.

These kids are like toy soldiers. They endure an extremely hard and monotonous existence but without the slightest trace of self pity. Their sunny attitude is in direct opposition to the harsh lives they have to navigate from an early age.

No toys, no school, no school friends, no protection and no fun on the holidays.

I hope this money and the feeling behind it managed to give her a little boost for that one day.


Mekong Delta’s poorest kid. Vietnam 2015

Saw this brown kid playing with a plastic bag instead of toys. Damn kid was not only dirt poor but also nursing a bit of a shiner as well. Rough luck.
She seemed in good spirits though.

I tend to avoid people who are evidently trying to rely on pity. Which is unfortunately the case with a lot of beggars in the big cities.
Out in the countryside people are even worse off but they are having a fair dinkum crack.
I much prefer trying to help these kinds of good, honest, genuine, self reliant and noble people.

I encourage anyone visiting Vietnam to get off the beaten path and venture out to the Mekong and buy something from a local seller. They will really appreciate it.
In return you get great fresh produce and warm smiles.

PS. I have some cool plans to do more and bigger charity stuff in the Mekong this year. Still holding funds from generous supporters and I will use them soon. Stay tuned.

PPS. Also I hired some Eastern European refugee dickhead on work experience to do the subtitles. So I’m pretty sure they’re 100% accurate.