Why every white guy in Asia is a loser.

There are many white men that I admire and respect.

But none of them live in Asia.




6 thoughts on “Why every white guy in Asia is a loser.

  1. I think you are not fair to some of us White guys as you call us. My wife is Viernamese and we want to live in Viernam when I retire. I have highly valued skills and make a good living. I will retire from ExxonMobil in about 3 years.
    So I take offense to seeing ” white guys” as losers in Asia. We want to live in Vietnam and US . We have a home in each country.
    I like your videos but you are maybe a bit prejudice of white men.

    • Are you fluent in Vietnamese? Do you understand and practice Viet culture? The answer is probably no to both questions. What was your job title at Exxxon? Assistant to the Assistant Clerk?

      You are only with you wife because American women don’t want you.

    • I don’t think there’s such a thing as white privilege. However it would be much preferrable for everyone to stick to ther own nation and perpetuate their own local cultures.

  2. Generally from what I observe, this seems to be the case. As a mixed kid coming out of a French/Vietnamese union and growing up in Vietnam, I realized that the majority of the white guys living here aren’t…well, like my father. My father has been living in Vietnam for over 30 years and that’s because he is a military industry contractor and has been around way before Vietnam openned up economically (sold military equipment to the army).

    The truth is that, most white guys come here working some shitty english teacher job, think they’ll be more succesful with local women than in their own country, and don’t actually try to integrate. A lot do it for social media bo us points, won’t bother to learn the language and live with the people. I can understand why this video might be seen as offensive, but sadly it paints the truth. These classless white folks incoming aren’t expats, they’re all immigrants out there to leech on local economy with their bogus “teaching” skills.

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