Poor Vietnamese people.. and the lies charity organisations tell.

Poor Vietnamese people get a lot of bad press.
Charity organisations warn people not to give money directly. They say these people work for crime syndicates. That is not true.

The poor people work for themselves. 99.9% of them are hard working, genuine honest people.

Giving direct to them is the best way.
Charity organisations use nearly all the funds they collect to pay for advertising and corporate employees. Less than 7 cents of every dollar is used on the actual cause. Most are pure scams if not completely incompetent.

None of the workers for foreign charities can speak any Vietnamese and don’t understand anything about Vietnamese people or Vietnamese culture but they’ll have you believe that they know all about how the underworld operates here. Pfft.. pull the other one mate. If that’s the case they should be working for crime fighting units not charities.

They also patronise poor Vietnamese by telling people not to give cash. As if being poor and Vietnamese makes you stupid. Even homeless Vietnamese are hardly ever drunkards or drug addicts and will spend money responsibly. They just don’t have much of it.

So in short. Give DIRECT to those you see and feel are in need.
Trust your gut over some foreign charity organisation’s harmful lies which target the most vulnerable people in Vietnamese society and those who don’t have a voice to speak out in their own defense.



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