Mekong Delta’s poorest kid. Vietnam 2015

Saw this brown kid playing with a plastic bag instead of toys. Damn kid was not only dirt poor but also nursing a bit of a shiner as well. Rough luck.
She seemed in good spirits though.

I tend to avoid people who are evidently trying to rely on pity. Which is unfortunately the case with a lot of beggars in the big cities.
Out in the countryside people are even worse off but they are having a fair dinkum crack.
I much prefer trying to help these kinds of good, honest, genuine, self reliant and noble people.

I encourage anyone visiting Vietnam to get off the beaten path and venture out to the Mekong and buy something from a local seller. They will really appreciate it.
In return you get great fresh produce and warm smiles.

PS. I have some cool plans to do more and bigger charity stuff in the Mekong this year. Still holding funds from generous supporters and I will use them soon. Stay tuned.

PPS. Also I hired some Eastern European refugee dickhead on work experience to do the subtitles. So I’m pretty sure they’re 100% accurate.


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